Winter is Coming!!

We get asked a lot what it’s like to live tiny with kids. I usually respond with ; it’s the same as living in a house with kids lol. For us it was no different. If we are in one room or area of the bus, the boys are usually right there with us.

Living tiny doesn’t mean that everyone has to be right on top of each other. You can layout your home to feel like everyone has a “room” of their own or make their bed feel special for them so it is like having a room. We made little cave like beds for our boys in our first bus and they loved them. This bus we went simple because we do not plan to be in this one long term. Adding curtains or doors are good options for privacy as well.



 If you have the space you could make a play area at the end of their beds with their favorite items. We use ikea mattresses, they are a little shorter than the typical twin mattress. We got them specifically so they could have . When it’s quite time they get their toys and quietly play or “read” I use quotes because they don’t know how to read yet 😊.

We also use other areas of the bus for playing and crafting. It can be at the table, or a nook or even outside. If they have a space to play they will use it. Our first bus had a Murphy bed in the master. Once it was lifted the room became our school and playroom. In this new bus they use the hallway space between their beds to play or at the table in the bus to color and craft.



I labeled this post winter is coming because it’s the hardest time living tiny with kids! Winter means colder temperature, rain, snow, and it’s dark around 5pm!! That’s really early. So here are some things we do while we are traveling or stationary during the colder months.

We try to make it fun and find something local if it’s open. When we travel we try to stick to a budget. So we find libraries and indoor playgrounds like at chick-fil-a we also use our memberships to kids museums.



 If you have a membership to any natural history museum you can use that in other cities they work nationwide. You can also get discounts for other memberships like children’s museums and zoos. I always think of indoor activities because if its cold or rainy I try to get the kids out. If you are somewhere for longer than a week or two get them in a local parks and recreation activity. This winter we will be doing swim lessons at the local indoor pool. Find activities that match your schedule. We also try to make it special and go to the movies or the trampoline parks on days when we can splurge. There are so many options out there that could work for you guys. I also like to use social media and reach out to locals and ask for cool spots or events that we can take the kids to and maybe meet other tiny dwelling families along the way!


Last thing but most importantly I make them play outside as much as they can! We live stationary so they just walk out the bus and play in our yard. If you are not, try to park near playgrounds or parks where you can easy access during the day. If you park at rv parks find ones that are kid friendly. We used to park our bus at a museum or playground near a coffee shop so my husband could go work and the boys and I would explore.


Most people who are full time travelers follow the warm weather during the colder months. We tried when we traveled full time but even during Christmas on the beach, it rained. That’s why I decided to share what we do during colder months while you travel or you’re stationary. I just try to keep everyone’s sanity while it’s cold lol. These are just some simple ways to get the kids’ wiggles out before bed too! Then you can come home put them down and have some alone or time with your spouse! ✨✨ Who doesn’t want that??? Nitflix and chill am I right?? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️