Vanessa and I recently began taking better inventory of our lives. We found that we are to busy, distracted, and stressed. It's strange how the simplest of things can become huge distractions. So we decided to get ourselves on a serious budget, try and be more intentional with our time, and reduce the clutter in our life. So far there have been a few changes with more to come as we prepare for bus life. 

Changing Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Usage

Imagine if your house or apartment had two toilets in the same bathroom.  Words like Weird, awkward, and unnecessary flood my mind. Now some of you might be thinking of a list of pro's, like quality time with your spouse or a support buddy to help you through those difficult times. 

Ok back to the subject at hand, I'd like to focus on the word unnecessary. We have been paying for internet twice a month, once for home internet and once for mobile internet. Vanessa and I realized this awhile back and reduced our mobile data plan with T-mobile to the lowest option. The plan was that we would stop using data on our phones while out and about and wait until we were connected to wi-fi to do any downloading or web browsing. That experiment lasted all of 2 weeks and we were back to our old data wasting ways. 

Fast forward a year and here we are completely dependent on mobile data with no home internet service. The decision to ditch the home internet service was actually way easier than I would have ever expected. When we first moved into our house we signed a 1 year contract with Century Link and hated it. We were constantly calling about the service not working. It would actually cause some serious frustration and anger on my part. You know how it is, you're ready to sit down, relax, and binge watch your favorite show on Hulu or Netflix. You watch the loading bar for a moment and your show plays,Ah relaxation, but only for 30 seconds and then you meet your arch nemesis, the loading bar once again. This continues and you eventually play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to reset the router. This was a regular occurrence in our house, until we made the switch to Cable One. With Cable One streaming our favorite shows while we browsed the internet on our phones was no problem(ok, occasional problems).

It was all too good to be true, and Cable One eventually became a big problem.  When we switched to Cable One our monthly bill was $60 which seemed reasonable. 8 or so months into the switch I began to get emails from Cable One stating that we had gone over the 300gb data allowance. They said we were using insane amounts of data, over 500gb of data each month.  They sent a guy to check the lines and he was able to find a few problems, including one that he wasn't able to fix. We argued with them that our actual internet usage habits hadn't changed since we had been with them, none of our reasoning worked. Our new bill would be $110 a month. We knew this was not an option and the only other options were Century Link or no home internet service.

We did some thinking and decided to go the no home internet service route. It be came clear to us that our primary use of Wifi was streaming Netflix and web browsing. We found that we usually watch the same shows over and over. We figured we could just buy seasons of the shows we like to watch and pop them in the blue-ray player. We also realized that we are usually looking at our phones while the tv plays in the background. Since this change we have actually been doing way more reading, chatting and relaxing with each other. When we decide to watch something, we actually watch it rather than starring at our phones while the show plays in the background.

Another benefit from ditching the home internet is the time we spend with the boys playing, coloring, and hanging out. It became very easy for us to just turn the tv on an let it do the parenting for us. I'm beginning to regret ever introducing it to them. I also understand that being home all day with kids can be a major challenge and a children's show can bring some peace and quiet.

One more benefit I would like to highlight is the savings. Our Cable One bill was $60 and our Netflix bill was $8 those are both out of our lives. Imagine that, $68 bucks a month to watch Netflix. We did however have to up our mobile data plan. The best plan for us is the unlimited data plan with 7gb of mobile hotspot for $30. The hotspot comes in handy for things like updating the blog and managing our budget.

We have only been testing the waters for a month and a half, but we are pleased to report that the water feels great. This may not be for everyone, like several of our friends who work from home and depend on home internet. But maybe some of you just need to ask yourself like we did, WHY do we need Wifi at home? or Why does the master bathroom have two toilets? You may be surprised to find out that one toilet is plenty and life is less awkward that way. We are just happy things are working out for us and we no longer have to fight the internet companies.  

What have you found to be the best solution for your internet needs?