Spring Foward


Well it’s been a crazy long winter wouldn’t you guys agree? Holy moly I’m ready for summer! The warm mornings when the birds chirp and the smell of honeysuckle fills the bus. The days when we start off with the sun shinning in the whole bus and there’s no window coverings. The evenings filled with tiki torches and the smell of sunscreen and graham cracker crumbs on sticky happy faces. Ya I’m ready for those days again! But until then I’ll live in the now.


Our current living is a little tough, it’s time for more space. The camper had served its purpose and for the most part it was good. There were hard days, and everyone has them. House, camper, bus, van we all have hard days. This winter I’ve learned that cabin fever wasn’t just in the camper. Even in houses winter is just hard for kids. It’s time to start a new chapter again. Denver has been accepted into the fire academy we’ve been hoping for! We are very excited and ready for this new journey! We know life is about to get really difficult and trying, but we are ready! That being said we’ve tossed around so many ideas and plans for our living situation. We thought about renting a house for a year and selling the bus. (I even posted a few times about the bus going up for sale). We thought about building the garage as is (400sq ft) and living in that. We thought about building it out to 800sq ft. In the end the time wouldn’t allow for building. The amount of money spent on renting wouldn’t be worth it. So we’ve decided to........ drum roll please ddddddun dun dun. LIVE IN THE BUS! Whoo hooo. The garage will be extra living space for now as well. It has walls now so we will just make it more of a living room and an area for Denver to come home and study!


So spring is definitely project season. We moved in the bus last night. Now we will add some finishing touches and clean up the garage to make it look fresh to death! We also want our yard to be comfortable. Right now it’s half junky half grass and nice. Having a nice yard helps us feel more comfortable. Plus we don’t need to draw any more attention to the fact that we live in a bus.


I need to be more active on my blog posts and this winter I was in a rut. I really felt irrelevant and boring. I didn’t know what was to come and where we were going. We now have a plan and it’s clear and simple. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to work. I also miss baking and sharing food. I’m excited to start doing that again. We are springing in to action and can’t wait!! See the punn there?? I had to do at least one!

These are all old photos. I will have new ones of the bus, garage and yard soon.