Present and Future; Update Time


I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to why we are selling our new bus and what’s next for us. I figured it was time to give a little update on our current and future status. We are selling this bus because we are ready to turn our little 400sq ft garage on our property into our casita. We are not sure exactly how big it will be. We plan to build smaller now and add on as needed in the future. 

This bus was meant to be a temporary home. We had the intention when we bought it to minimally renovate and live in it until our casita was built. That didn’t end up happening the way we planned so we are improvising. Now the goal is to finish the bus and sell it so we can start building. 

Denver is still on track to becoming a fire fighter. He’s been In school full time this last summer and fall semester. He is applying to join an academy this upcoming spring. Our hope is that he does well and gets in. This is the journey we’ve been praying and working towards for almost a year.

While he’s in the academy I will become a solo parent for five months. It is full time school 6am-6pm(maybe longer) M-F.  Because it is very intense training we want to have more space to make life a little easier on all of us. We aren’t traveling much now so we feel that it’s ok to close this buslife chapter. We never planned to live in a bus forever. 

We will be hitting three years of buslife in 2019. I have a feeling we will still be living tiny once our three year buslife anniversary hits. Our goal is to be living in the casita before he gets into the fire department. However, I know a lot can happen and things take longer than expected when it comes to building. This will be our second home that we build . Two houses two buses, we should start a business . 😂🚌🏡  


The goal is to have the bus sold sometime in January. We are borrowing a camper from Denver’s sister while we build. 

This might be the second or third time you’ve heard this plan, or this might be the first. If you have questions please feel free to ask.  I’m really trying to get better about blogging and being more open about our lives. Buslife is something I will treasure forever. This isn’t the end of our journey, It’s just the beginning of a new chapter. I do know we will continue to travel, it just might not look the same and I’m ok with that. 

To be honest I have been trying to enjoy what I like to call the In-between living. At times I break down and get lost in what’s happening and why things aren’t moving along. Sometimes I’m so ready to be in the future that I forget I’m missing what’s happening now. Especially with my family. But I’ve gotten better at it. Day by day I let the future be the future and enjoy the now. I am excited for what is to come but I stopped letting it to let consume me. 

I will be sharing more updates as our bus is being finished and documenting the progress of our casita. So stay tuned for more. And most importantly I will be doing bi weekly recipes especially now that it’s holiday season!