The White Elephant

Have you ever been given a gift that turned into a really big hassle, like a white elephant? Well we were recently given an RV to get parts from, but the catch was we had to get it towed to our house. I thought this would be very easy and called a towing company. The Rv we were given had a bad tire, no keys and we didn't know if it had a running engine. One tow company said I needed to repair that tire so he could tow it behind his truck. Getting the tire replaced seemed like an easy task, so off I went to buy a used tire. The next problem was that the tire was an unusual size 16.5" and none of the used tire shops I checked with had one. I didn't want to buy a new tire so I decided to try a few different towing companies and found one that was up for the challenge. 

The Rv was parked in a spot where the tow truck could not get in front of it. I figured it would be easy for the tow truck to just drag it it out. Well after working for an hour he was finally able to get it out while I was inside attempting to steer it and I only felt like it was going to tip over with me inside once. The tow truck driver hooked up to it and towed it to our house. 

Now for the next challenge. I didn't want this old RV sitting in our front yard so I asked the tow truck driver if could put it in our backyard. I didn't think it would be to difficult and he agreed that it should be easy enough. Getting in the backyard meant using the sandy alley ,the alley is usually pretty hard packed, but if one is not careful your vehicle can get stuck. He began backing in and immediately got stuck in the sand. 

Just before he got stuck the first time.

Just before he got stuck the first time.

I figured he was going to tell me it can't be done and he would have to put it our front yard, but he didn't, he just kept trying. He was able to get his truck stuck and unstuck over and over again for 2 hours until he was finally very stuck and unable to move his truck. We tried digging him out, putting boards under his wheels, and eventually he said to me " I need a truck to pull me out" as I began to reply "We can use..." he interrupted and said "your minivan wont be able to" to which I I HEROICALLY  replied  "we can use my bus".  We had to hot wire the bus, to get it started because some wires had been  cut during the demo process (more on this in a future post). She started right up, roared like a lion and we hooked some chains to the back of the RV and pulled it with the bus into our backyard.  The next task was to rescue the tow truck WITH OUR SCHOOL BUS! 


I never would have imagined that this free RV would turn into a 4 hour towing horror story, in which I swoop in to save the day in our big yellow school bus. So if you are ever given a broken down RV or white elephant you better be prepared to work for the reward. I am however extremely grateful for this RV, it has plenty of useful parts like the generator, AC, awning, and few other parts we plan to use. The remaining parts on the RV will be listed on craigslist to help fund the project. 

Does anyone need some RV parts?